My Story


Jag heter June Rydgren

Jag är född och uppväxt i Helsingborg men har bott  i Stockholm i många år och där deltagit i både samlingsutställningar och visat mina bilder på gallerier runt om i regionen. Hela tiden har jag arbetat i mitt yrke som journalist.

Sedan något år bor jag åter i Skåne och är glad att få möjlighet att ställa ut mitt måleri även i de kära hemtrakterna.

Utöver att måla och teckna gör jag även mönsterdesign då jag har funnit att akvarellens klara transparens gör sig väldigt bra på textilier.

Inspiration hämtar jag från naturen, från blommorna, träden, djuren - ja, från den magiska värld som bara finns i Guds fria natur. Fotorealistiskt måleri har aldrig intresserat mig. Istället försöker jag skildra de känslor som fyller mig när jag betraktar något vackert. I brist på bättre ord, och kanske en smula pretentiöst, försöker jag fånga naturens själ, och om jag någon gång lyckas, ja, då är min lycka fullkomlig.


Hello, my name is June Rydgren.

I was born and raised in Helsingborg, south of Sweden, but I have lived in Stockholm for many years and participated in both group exhibitions and galleries around the county. All the while I have maintained my profession as a journalist.

For a few years I have been living in Helsingborg again and am happy to finally be able to exhibit my paintings also in the dear home regions.

In addition to painting and drawing, I do some pattern design as I have found that the clear transparency of watercolor works very well on textiles.

I draw inspiration from nature, from the flowers, trees, animals - yes, from the magical world that only exists in God's free nature. Photorealistic painting has never interested me. Instead, I try to portray the feelings that fill me when I look at something beautiful. For lack of better words, and perhaps a little pretentiously, I try to capture the soul of nature, and if I ever succeed, well, then my happiness is complete.


"Better get it right the first time -

you don't get a second chance"

(Sergei Bongart

(1918-1985, American painter born in Kiev,Ukraine.)

I use different styles of watercolour painting, but I often favor fluid strokes and hazy
backgrounds to clean, crisp lines and defined edges. 
Someone said: "A loose watercolour is just trying to communicate visually with suggestions rather than trying to describe everything in precise detail."

I couldn´t say it better myself.

I often use the so called wet-on-wet techniques when I paint. It simply means wet paint applied onto wet paint. Yes, it takes practise before you get it right the first time. Yes, you don't get a second chance! It is really too easy to get the work look like a muddy puddle on a country road in the rain.

What dreamy shapes can do

Adding paint to a wet layer of paint on the paper produces a soft, diffused look as the colours mix. And that is what I love so much with watercolours.

This method is the best way for suggesting movement in my paintings, and as I am not interested in photo realistic art myself, I think diffusing, dreamy shapes is the most lovely way to avoid sharp details that prevents you from creating your own images in your mind when you consider a work of art.