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Summer meadow from June Art & Design Sweden.

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Are you looking for a special design? A wallpaper? Or a print on your wall? A curtain? With flowers and animals maybe?That's an easy piece. Let me create it for you!

Flowers and insects plays a very important role in our life. Not only because they are beautiful but because they help to remove the toxins in the air.

Flowers produces the fruits and vegetables that we eat and we get seeds to reproduce more of the same plant that we love.

Many insects are addicted to the flowers nectar and pollen. Not to forget the bees that produces tasty and useful honey.


The Language of flowers

Nearly every flower has a special meaning and, in times when some words could not be spoken aloud, bouquets would say a thousand words.

William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, among many others used the language of flowers in their writing.

Emily Dickinson, like many other victorian women, communicated through the 19th century language of flowers, using their underlying meanings to send messages and express hidden sentiments to people in her life.

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