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watercolour flowers

I love the watercolour media because it is ideal for painting flowers due to its wonderful translucency. My inspiration always comes from nature, flowers, trees,  animals ... From all the beautiful and inspiring I experience in the free nature of God.


Since I am not at all interested in  photorealistic painting, the vibrant, colourful watercolour gives me the opportunity to capture the mysterious, yes, the soul of nature, if you wish.


I use certain textural techniques such as soft edges and different light sources. Sometimes I make weak outlines with pencils that I like to leave in the finished painting.

Because, as I said, I do not paint nature. I create on a paper all the magic I experience in nature.


I often paint "the negative way", means, for exampel, that the white colour in a motif is not painted but created by painting with colours around.

I never use white colour in a watercolour painting! The white is already on the paper. To me painting white is totally forbidden. I strive for the transparent spontaneous look that to me is the nature of the watercolour.




"Late Summer Pattern"


June Art & Design Sweden

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June Art & Design Sweden


Wild Rose Bush in October

I pass this wild rose bush on my dog walk every morning.

This is an example of a fast, intuitive sketches that I do almost every day. These sketches are quickly completed, but I tell you it takes time for me to figure out how the subject works best on the paper.

Print from this watercolour is for sale. Of course without the text. Contact me if interested.



From "The Autumn Bird Series"

June Art & Design Sweden

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June Art & Design Sweden
June Art & Design Sweden
June Art & Design Sweden
June Art & Design Sweden
June Art & Design Sweden






June Art & Design Sweden
Roses painted with watercolour




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June Art & Design Sweden
June Art & Design Sweden
June Art & Design Sweden


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