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Tyger och kuddfodral. JR Art & Design Sweden


Pattern from an original watercolour painting


Fabrics sold by the meter.

It is made of cotton satin with minimal use of water, electricity and raw materials.


More fabrics to come soon.


Interested in buying fabrics with pattern made from an original watercolour?


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Tyger, kuddfodral. JR Art & Design Sweden

The Magic of watercolour

I love the watercolour media

because it is ideal for painting flowers due to its wonderful translucency.

My inspiration comes from flowers, trees,  animals ... from all the beautiful and inspiring I experience in the free nature of God.


Since I am not interested in  photorealistic painting, the vibrant, colourful watercolour gives me the opportunity to capture the mysterious, yes, the soul of nature.


For some time, I produce pillow cases, curtains, fabrics and more with motifs from my watercolour paintings.

Welcome to contact me if you have questions about my goods.

Tyget Helleborus JR Art & Design Sweden

Another colour

for the same pattern. 


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