My style

fast, fresh and loose

Let if flow!


Hi, my name is June Rydgren and I am a watercolourist living in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago in Sweden. I have painted watercolour since I was a little girl and over the years I have had lots of exhibitions. From now I decided to show and sell JR Art & Design Sweden online. Take a look in the WEB SHOP. Much more to come. Have patience!


My inspirations

I love the look of fluid, free-flowing watercolours and I am inspired by the beautiful countryside around me. Flowers and animals are  favourite motifs.

I love working wet into wet and seeing where it leads when I relax and "let loose". Feeling tense goes bad with the loose method. Painting watercolour fast and fluid can appear effortless, but indeed it requires both hard concentration and a shift in  process and thinking. Believe me!

Väggpaneler, prydnadskuddar, konsttryck. June Art & Design Sweden

A watercolour to Halloween and to welcome the Autumn's last month.

Watercolour is like life

Better get it right the first time -

you don't get a second chance.

(Sergei Bongart

(1918-1985, American painter born in Kiev,Ukraine.)


I often use the so called wet-on-wet techniques when I paint. It simply means wet paint applied onto wet paint. Yes, it takes practise before you get it right the first time. Yes, you don't get a second chance! It is really too easy to get  the work look like a muddy puddle on a country road in the rain.


What dreamy shapes can do

Adding paint to a wet layer of paint on the paper produces a soft, diffused look as the colours mix. And that is what I love so much with watercolours.

This method is the best way for suggesting movement in my paintings, and as I am not interested in photo realistic art myself, I think diffusing, dreamy shapes is the most lovely way to avoid sharp details that prevents you from creating your own images in your mind when you consider a work of art.

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